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Beijing-1 small satellite

The Beijing-1 small satellite system is the result of the cooperation between 21AT and SSTL. This international collaborative project was supported by the ministry of science technology in China &the Beijing government. The Beijing-1 satellite was successfully launched on 27th October 2005 and joined the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC). DMC is a constellation of five EO satellites coordinated by the DMC consortium comprising five nations.


During the operation period, the Beijing-1 small satellite had acquired extensive amount of global remote sensing data, accumulated the consecutive time sequence data over various areas. The data was widely used in many applications such as land resource investigation, agriculture planning, forest & water resources management and eco-environmental analysis.


Beijing-1 has also made significant contribution to global disaster monitoring through International Charter. The ownership of the Beijing-1 small satellite allows 21AT to provide "guaranteed images" enabling the dynamic information services for its key customers.




Satellite orbit




Resolution: 4m

Swath: 24km

(Part of the DMC)

Resolution: 32m; G, R, NIR

Swath: 600km

Off-pointing capacity

°ņ 30°„


5-7 days (PAN), 1-3 days (MS)


5 years