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To create a good living environment is a common goal of each nation in the world. China has been also focusing on this issue in the recent years. Using advanced remote sensing technology, we have implemented dynamic monitoring of a wide range of living resources, including water resource, green land, and modern agriculture, land use and urban development. We have provided management solutions for relevant government departments.



Based on our medium and high resolution remote sensing images and agricultural information extraction technology, we provide the supports to national agriculture agencies in monitoring of crops, agricultural infrastructures and aquaculture industries.


Urban expansion monitoring


Taking the advantages of the wide swath width and short revisit intervals of the Beijing-1 small remote sensing satellite, we have conducted remote monitoring and data analysis of the recent urban expansion in the major cities in China with the population over 500,000.

We have accurately acquired urban construction land use information and its expansion & change status in different time periods to analyze the change and the trend of expansion in urban construction areas, which have provided important evidence for the state and municipal government to understand the expansion status of the major cities and make scientific planning for the urban development


Land use investigation


The annual survey and inspection of the changes of the land utilization is an important duty for the land management of the Chinese government. The remote sensing data has been used to survey the newly increased construction fields and their erosion of cultivated lands. The result of the survey provides timely knowledge of the trend of changes in the national land utilization to the different level of government departments.

The Beijing-1 small remote sensing satellite has middle and high resolution dual imaging capabilities, thus can simultaneously acquire the wide coverage 32m multispectral images and high-resolution 4m panchromatic images. These images are in excellent quality and rich in information and can be obtained with short latency. Therefore, Beijing-1 data has become the important remote sensing data resource for national land utilization change survey since 2008.