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Coal, oil and gas are the world's most important energy resources. To efficiently monitor these resources through remote sensing technology has great strategic and economic significance. Relying on our multisource remote sensing data and GIS platform, we carried out the research and development in the monitoring of open-pit mine ecological resources restoration and coal bases, and marine oil spill, which contributes positively to the energy resource protection and utilization.

In the future, we will further explore services in these fields, including oil and gas exploration, oil and gas pipeline route design, oil and gas engineering project evaluation, and wind power station remote monitoring.

In addition, by using multisource space data with other assistant information and the 3S technologies, we will be able to monitor wide range of natural resources such as land, forestry, water and ocean resources.


Surface water resource monitoring

Since 2007, 21AT has continuously utilized the Beijing-1 small remote sensing satellite to monitor the 5 river areas and 16 main reservoirs around Beijing intensively for 6 consecutive years.

For each river, the statistics, monitoring and analysis are carried out to describe the water distribution characters on the earth surface, seasonal flow disruption patterns, water eutrophication and pollution, which provides the information support and scientific evidence for water resource evaluation and management.