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The international cooperation has always been a very important part of the successful story of 21AT. The company started its space EO operator business with the development and launch of the Beijing-1 small satellite, which was a collaborative project between 21AT and SSTL in UK. The Beijing-1 satellite is also the part of the DMC that is an internationally coordinated EO constellation. The BJ-II constellation is the continuous cooperation between 21AT and SSTL & its subsidiary ¨C DMCii.


We have also established close cooperative relations with leading international remote sensing organizations and companies including UN-ESCAP, APSCO, AARS, Sino-UK Joint Space Science and Technology Laboratory, etc. 21AT has actively participated in many international collaborative projects such as the Dragon Program between China and Europe and the worldwide disaster monitoring with ¡°International Charter¡±. 21AT has published many papers and given presentations during the international aerospace and remote sensing academic conferences.


In 2009, the company became the International Science & Technology Cooperation Base under the Ministry of Science and Technology of China for remote sensing satellites.


In 2010, the company established the first international Academician and Expert Work Station in the Beijing.